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Film & Television Prosthetic Makeup and Creature workshop


It all starts now…

The Wicked of Oz Film & Television Prosthetic Makeup and Creature workshop is a part-time workshop held in Melbourne. 

Enrolments now open, Workshop is for 10 weeks and begins 12th March 2019 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm and Sundays 11am-2:00pm

If you have any further questions or would like to find out how to enrol in this workshop contact us via

You will learn head & body casting, sculpture preparation & techniques, moulding, multi-piece appliance fabrication, air brush technique, hair punching & finishing and multi-piece, creature/character prosthetic makeup. 

Wicked of Oz Studios is an award winning studio established by writer, producer, director Justin Dix to cater for the ever expanding film industry in Australia. 

Wicked started out as a special effects studio creating award winning prosthetic makeup effects, props, miniatures, animatronic characters and set pieces for the feature film and television.

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Since working on big budget American productions Wicked has been at the forefront of the Australian genre film industry. 

Wicked of Oz have played a part in practically every Australian genre film to come down the pipeline in recent years, including Jamie Blank’s Storm Warning and Long Weekend, Greg Mclean’s Rogue, Lake Mungo, Dying Breed, 100 Bloody Acres, The Loved Ones, Red Hill, The Babadook, Scare Campaign and was hired to do the FX for the NBC SyFy series ‘Hunters’ in which several workshop participants were hired to work on.

It was this film that Wicked of Oz started its in-house Special Makeup Effects Workshop, which caters for the ever expanding FX industry in Australia. This workshop not only fosters and finds new talent, but paves the way and gives you the best opportunity to succeed in the film industry.

The workshop is run by industry professionals including Justin Dix and Luke Poli, between them they decades off experience working on projects with multi million dollar budgets like Star Wars to Independent films such as cult hits The Babadook and The Loved Ones.

When Justin is not Supervising FX, he writes and directs feature films, and he has just completed his latest feature film ‘Blood Vessel’ due out it 2019, which also took on past students for paid work on the production.

As a film director and FX makeup supervisor, Justin has a unique understanding of what clients and other FX shops will be looking for and how to best present yourself for employment in the future.


- Concept to Creation.

- How do we start. From head and body casting,

- Sculpting Preparation, including casting out head or body forms in preparation for the sculptures. 

- Sculpting techniques.

- Multi piece appliances.

- Moulding. One of the most important steps in FX

- Silicone and foam appliance fabrication, from small to big, from simple to complex.

- Multi- piece, creature or character prosthetic makeup. Foam and Silicone application.

- Airbrush technique, on foam and silicone.

- Hair punching and finishing.

- Final Application and presentation.


The end of the workshop students can invite family and friends to join us at Wicked of Oz for a gala event where they will present their complete final make-ups. Also in attendance will be prostective future employers as independent producers and film makers will also be invited. 

Have you seen FACE-OFF of course you have, it will be kind of like that, just less pressure.

Wicked of Oz is moving to a new studio and we can’t wait to set it up and break it in with our first Film & Television Prosthetics workshop. It’s clean, air conditioned, heated, new male and female toilets, its big and beautiful and will be buzzing with creativity.

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- How long does the workshop go for?

The  workshop will be run for 10 weeks from 12th March 2019 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm and Sundays 11am-2:00pm

- What if I can’t make it those times?

To get the most out of this workshop it is suggested to commit to the times, but it is not mandatory, we understand you may have other commitments.

- Where is the workshop held?

Our New studio - Wicked of Oz studios 3/10 Akuna Drive Williamstown.

- Can I get an invoice for the workshop so I can claim it ?

Yes you will be given and invoice for the workshop, these will have GST applied.

- What do I need for the workshop?

Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Plus you will be required to purchase your own vapour respirator for fibreglassing, plus a clearly name labeled bag or container to keep it in (We can advise on brand or type). Also a note book and pen should you wish to journal the entire workshop, this is not mandatory, but suggested.

Most tools required will be provided but if you have your own tools, please feel free to bring them. All other materials or equipment will be supplied.

- Are there any age limits for the workshop?

Must be 18 and older or permission signed by a guardian, no prior training necessary but it helps. 

Can I take photos?

Yes, you can take as many photos as you like documenting the process.

Is lunch or snacks provided?

No, please bring your own, there is a fridge to put them in. Coffee, tea and milk will be provided. There is also a cafe across the road

Enrolments for this Workshop are open NOW!

If you have any further questions or would like to find out how to enrol in this workshop contact us via

Workshop Fee and Structure

Deposit to secure Position is 10%

Course Fee Total $5000 + GST $500

10% Off is paid in full up front

Payment Plans Available.

Fees include all workshop materials except for personal safety items.