Wicked of Oz Studios is an award winning studio established by writer, producer, director Justin Dix to cater for the ever expanding film industry in Australia. 

Wicked started out as a special effects studio creating award winning prosthetic makeup effects, props, miniatures, animatronic characters and set pieces for the feature film and television. Since working on big budget american productions including Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3, Charlotte's Web and The Bank Job, Wicked has been at the forefront of the Australian horror film industry. 

Justin and Wicked of Oz have played a part in practically every Australian genre film to come down the pipeline in recent years, including Jamie Blank’s Storm Warning and Long Weekend, Greg Mclean’s Rogue, Lake Mungo, Dying Breed, 100 Bloody Acres, The Loved Ones, Red Hill, The Babadook and most recently Scare Campaign.

In 2012 Justin focused his unique creativity and knowhow on his first feature film, Crawlspace, which was executive produced by Greg Mclean. Justin wrote, directed and produced Crawlspace, surrounding himself with an incredible team of artisans and professionals he met over the years, creating a strong network of mentors and collaborators, all eager to be swept up in his enthusiasm.

The film went on to screen at various international film festivals including the prestigious festival International de Cinema Fantastic in Sitges, Spain and Screamfest in Los Angeles and Filmiest where it has garnered awards from best special effects, best music, sound design and best picture.

Wicked of Oz Studios is now developing the next wave of commercial science fiction, action and genre projects by becoming a complete in house production facility, from script and production development to physical effects and soon digital effects. 


Out of adversity, comes creativity

Justin Dix, founder of Wicked of Oz Studios